Battery Expert Kit – BEK01


Run your own electric car using the battery cell you made yourself!


After assembling your cells, you can not only power motor or LEDs, but you can also mount your 3 cells on an electrical car to make it move ! You can also optimize your batteries to make it run faster ! Last but not least, you can also experiment wireless energy transfer !

Kit Content :
– 3 full hiLyte cell to assemble
– Different battery materials (idem than the Engineer kit but with more materials)
– Materials for battery preparation
– DC motor with fan
– LEDs of different colors
– Potentiometer (variable resistor)
– 5V Voltage converter
– Wireless energy transfer kit
– hiLyte electrical car with motor, gearbox and mounting system to clip the 3 cells
– Cables and adapters
– Safety glasses and gloves
– Manual with assembly instructions and experiments

The manual explains more than 20 experiences that you can do with the “Battery Expert Kit”


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